The Crossing

Two Young Australian’s set off on the adventure of a lifetime, attempting the first complete traverse of Victoria Island in the Canadian arctic. The pair dragged their home made kayaks more than 1,000 kilometres across the remote island.

Featuring the Adventure Playbook’s very own Clark Carter and directed by Julian Harvey.

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Praise for The Crossing


“The Crossing is a dogged, likeable account of endeavours and malfunctions, of setbacks faced with stubborn stoicism and wry, matter-of-fact troubleshooting, plus a little bit of wild-eyed, sleep-deprived mania.” ~ Sydney Morning Herald

“A remarkable documentary” ~ The Australian

“Fascinating, sometimes darkly funny and refreshingly dares to ask (more than once) if its subjects are barking mad.” ~ Rip It Up

“The Crossing is a fascinating documentary and an inspiring tale of endurance, overcoming adversity, friendship and youthful enthusiasm.” ~ IMDB Review

“The Crossing doesn’t just tell a predictable tale of training for and then overcoming a formidable physical feat. Persistence and tenacity are evident as anticipated, but what resonates is the reality of the determined duo trying, failing, and reframing their efforts in the ultimate test of endurance.” ~ Trespass Magazine

“Well-made… For anyone content to experience a great adventure from a comfortable cinema seat, this should be the film for you.” ~ At The Movies

“In the end they proved to themselves that they could persevere even when they thought they couldn’t. It’s a reminder to us all.” ~ Urban Cinefile